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Last Updated: April 9, 2021

Why did one of Frederick's top Real Estate Agents advise her clients to get an inspection after closing?

You read correctly.

One of Frederick’s top real estate agents just advised her clients to receive a home inspection after they closed on their home.

The background is that her buyers – not unlike many others today – were so frantic to have their offer accepted, they waived the home inspection.   This very savvy agent insisted that as soon as they closed – and before occupying the home – they should receive a professional home inspection, which we performed.

Even though her clients waived the inspection – and with it, any requests for repairs – there were several reasons she insisted they take this important step after the fact:

She is an experienced professional who understands that all homes have at least some issues, and should this particular home have major defects, she could be at risk for legal liability.

She is focused on continued relationships with all her clients.  Accordingly, she wanted these buyers to have the benefit of knowing which major systems might be in need of repair, and when.

She understands that a home inspection is more than just finding out what is wrong with a home; it’s an opportunity for her buyers to speak with an experienced professional to understand the workings of their new home.

As we receive the majority of our client referrals from our top real estate agents, we care about your liability.   We understand the lack of inventory has made the market challenging for you.

Nonetheless, your risk is substantial.  Read this article from a Pennsylvania attorney who has defended cases against real estate agents.  You might be surprised that by even mentioning waiving an inspection – without actually recommending it – you could be at risk.


By guiding your buyers to receive a home inspection after closing, you not only minimize your risk, you show them you care as much as they do about the biggest investment most of them will ever make.

Richard Leonard, President

Fox Mountain Property Inspections

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