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Lead Testing in Maryland

Welcome to Fox Mountain Property Inspections, your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and compliance of your property. Lead in homes and other buildings poses significant health risks, particularly in older homes where lead-based paint and leaded plumbing fixtures were more commonly used. When lead paint deteriorates, it creates dust and chips that can be ingested or inhaled, especially by young children. This can result in serious health issues including developmental delays, learning difficulties, irritability, weight loss, and hearing problems. In adults, lead exposure can cause high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, difficulties with memory or concentration, and reproductive problems. Additionally, lead pipes can leach lead into drinking water, further increasing the risk of exposure.  

How We Test

  • XRF Lead-Testing Device: We utilize sophisticated XRF (X-ray fluorescence) to quickly and precisely detect lead levels in all layers of paint. This non-destructive testing method is efficient, providing you with reliable results without causing any harm to your property. 

  • Lead Dust Wipes: Lead dust wipe testing is a method used to assess lead contamination on surfaces, particularly in older homes or buildings with a history of lead paint use. The process involves selecting test sites such as floors, windowsills, and door frames, and then preparing them for sampling. A special moistened wipe cloth is used to collect dust from these surfaces in a standardized manner, ensuring a consistent area is covered, typically a square foot. The collected samples are then sealed, labeled, and sent for laboratory analysis.

    The laboratory analyzes the samples to determine if lead is present. This testing is crucial for identifying lead exposure risks, particularly for children, and aids in guiding necessary cleanup and prevention measures. 

  • Lead Water Testing: Lead content in water can lead to negative health effects, particularly on children and pregnant women. The testing involves collecting water samples in the property, using specialized containers to prevent contamination. The samples may require specific preservatives or storage methods to maintain the integrity of the lead levels until testing.

    The laboratory analyzes the samples to determine levels of lead contamination. Results are compared against regulatory standards, like those set by the EPA, to determine safety levels. If lead concentrations exceed safe limits, actions such as replacing lead pipes or using filters are necessary to mitigate the risks and ensure water safety. Regular testing is especially important in older buildings with potential lead plumbing, maintaining safe drinking water standards. 

Why is Lead Testing Important

Renovation Support: If you’re planning renovations, lead paint testing is essential. During demolition, lead in paint and other building materials can become airborne and easily inhaled. Identifying lead-based paint before starting any renovations ensures that proper precautions are taken to protect the health of both workers and occupants. Our testing services can guide you in creating a safe and efficient renovation plan.  

Personal Safety: Testing is a proactive step towards ensuring the well-being of everyone residing in or around your property. Identifying and addressing lead hazards promptly contributes to a healthier living environment and peace-of-mind.  

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Dawn RayDawn Ray
20:32 25 Sep 23
Fox Mountain Property Inspection was very thourough, professional, and was very timely.
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17:27 25 Sep 23
Richard Did a great Job very well pleased
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18:01 18 Sep 23
Keith and his co-worker were great. Very informative and explained things clearly. Very thorough with everything. We recommend your services to anyone.Thank you,Mark & Kim
Mary OssiMary Ossi
15:40 16 Sep 23
100 stars! Richard was on time, thorough, empathic and detailed. We got the information we needed in a timely manner with recommendations. I can't say enough good things and will continue to recommend Fox Mountain to everyone!
Gabriel RomanoGabriel Romano
21:57 12 Sep 23
Efficient and reliable service!
Lori MaloneyLori Maloney
01:27 12 Aug 23
The operations manager and owner made personal efforts to ensure we could have the inspection in time to make an informed offer. Richard was knowledgeable and pleasant. It’s nice to see someone who is not only great at their job, but seems to truly enjoy it. Dan (operations) said we’d like him, and he was right!I want to add that this is our second time using the professionals at Fox for an inspection in this challenging home buying market. Both times we left feeling confident we got the information we needed (and more) in order to make an informed decision. They are great- call them!
Sonnie & JoeSonnie & Joe
22:24 10 Aug 23
Keith was awesome. Super helpful and professional. He answered all of my questions and helped me to really understand what was going on with the house. He encouraged me to be educated in the home we were in the process of purchasing, even pointing out areas we'd need to know about for later (water shut offs, etc.). I can't day enough about his friendly and professional demeanor. Thank you, Keith! You rock!
Liz AndrewsLiz Andrews
23:37 07 Aug 23
We bought our first home and called Fox Mountain Property Inspections to inspect the house. They fit us into their schedule within 4 days of calling and were early to the appointment. Incredibly knowledgeable and very thorough inspection. Richard even took the time to explain the inner workings of all the mechanical so we knew what to expect. It was a fantastic experience and you should absolutely call them for all your home inspection needs.

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