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Enjoy Silver Springs

Silver Springs Maryland is full of life, charm, and appeal. Long-time residents love the parks and recreation as well as the exciting nightlife. Visitors adore the public art and the extensive shopping. There are many things to see and do in Silver Springs. 

This Montgomery County city has both quaint local coffee shops and lively downtown charisma. When you visit Silver Springs you’ll notice smiling faces and a wide variety of activities right away. From ice skating to the local farmers’ market, surprises are around every corner.

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Arts and Culture

Silver Springs hosts many wonderful art exhibits as well as performances, concerts, and more. AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center serves as a hub for history, human relationships, art, and education. Live Garra Theatre brings musicals and plays to life. There is never a dull moment when exploring the local art scene in Silver Springs.

nEach venue has a wide variety of offerings for people to enjoy. There is a new way to enjoy history, art, and music in Silver Springs just by walking down the serene downtown area. Locals and tourists are invited to stop and stay awhile in this pleasant Maryland city.

Development of the Region

Prior to colonization, Piscataway Native Americans inhabited Silver Springs. They had established villages along Sligo Creek and Rock Creek and contributed to the rich history of the area. After the region was colonized, the region became a space for politically inclined individuals such as the Blair, Lee, and Jalloh families. 

Even President Lincoln himself visited the Silver Springs Mansion on many occasions. Throughout the civil war, the communities of Woodside, Forest Glen, and Liden were established and later merged together to form Silver Creek in 1899. From there rapid growth ensued and the town has been thriving ever since.


Silver Creek is known for its diverse culture and outstanding festivals. Most notable Silverdocs documentary festival and The Silver Springs Jazz Festival. The cuisine varies from American to Greek to Lebanese. Fleetwood Mac even credits Silver Springs for their song titled “Silver Springs”. 

Silver Springs has people from many walks of life and welcomes all. In fact, the overall population has increased over 10,000 and counting since 2010. With such an impressive city and diverse population, it’s no wonder people are exploring Silver Springs as their new place to land. 

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Investing in Silver Springs Property

Silver Creek is the perfect place to invest in commercial or residential property. Whether you plan to start a new business or find your new home, you need a reliable inspector you can feel confident in. 

Our team diligently inspects each and every property with knowledge of the surrounding area. Whether your property is prone to mold or shifting foundations, our team will report it all. The best commercial or home inspection Silver Springs MD business owners and residents trust will give you the evaluation you need to make informed decisions for your investment property. 

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