What is a Juliet Balcony?

Juliet balcony on a home.

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Balconies on homes are popular additions because they provide outdoor space, allowing residents to enjoy fresh air and the surrounding views without leaving the property. They also add aesthetic appeal to the building’s exterior. One type of balcony is a Juliet balcony. What is a Juliet balcony? It is a decorative balcony that has a balustrade and railing. It is different than traditional balconies.

Let’s learn more about this type of balcony.

Types of Balconies

Before diving into the specifics of a Juliet balcony, let’s briefly touch upon other types of balconies commonly found in residential structures. These include:

  1. Standard Balcony: A traditional balcony that extends from the building and allows people to step out and enjoy the outdoor space.
  2. Cantilevered Balcony: This type of balcony is supported by structural elements such as beams or brackets extending from the main building.
  3. Loggia Balcony: Similar to a standard balcony, but with an enclosed area or arches on one or more sides, providing added protection from weather elements.
Juliet balcony on a building.

What is a Juliet Balcony?

A Juliet balcony is a small, decorative balcony that does not protrude at all from the building. It consists of a railing or balustrade affixed to the external wall of the upper floors. Unlike traditional balconies, Juliet balconies do not have a platform or floor that extends outwards.

How Juliet Balcony Got Its Name

“Juliet balcony” originates from William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Romeo and Juliet. In this play, Juliet appears on her balcony during the iconic balcony scene. To capture the essence of this romantic moment, architects and designers started referring to this type of balcony as a Juliet balcony.

What is The Purpose of a Juliet Balcony?

The primary purpose of a Juliet balcony is to offer a safe and elegant way for occupants to enjoy outdoor views and ventilation. While it does not provide additional usable space like a regular balcony, it still enhances the aesthetics of a building and allows for an open-air experience.

Juliet balconies are decorative and don't have a floor.

Benefits of a Juliet Balcony

There are several advantages to having a Juliet balcony:

  1. Enhanced safety: Juliet balconies act as protective barriers for windows, providing an extra layer of security against falls.
  2. Increased natural light and ventilation: By opening the doors or windows of the Juliet balcony, fresh air and sunlight can flow into the room, brightening and ventilating the interior space.
  3. Unobstructed views: Since Juliet balconies don’t extend outward, they do not obstruct the view from inside the room or block the visual appeal of the building’s facade.

Cost of a Juliet Balcony

The cost of installing a Juliet balcony varies depending on factors such as materials, design complexity, and labor costs. On average, it can range from $500 to $3000 for a basic installation. However, more intricate designs or premium materials may increase the cost.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about Juliet balconies, let’s look at a few other areas of recommended maintenance. One of those is fixing chipped paint on the wall. To do this, follow the steps to prepare the area, patch the wall, sand it, clean off the dust, add primer, and paint.

Another is UV light-killing mold. UV light does not kill mold. Mold and bacteria in the home need higher UV exposure than what is in most home units.

Lastly, it is important to know about using exterior paint inside the home. It is not advisable and it can release toxic fumes and high levels of VOCs into the home. Choosing a paint made for the outside of the home is important.

When Do I Call a Professional?

Although some homeowners may choose to install a Juliet balcony themselves, it is recommended to hire a professional for the job. Professionals have the necessary expertise to ensure the proper installation and structural integrity of the balcony, providing peace of mind and avoiding potential safety hazards.


Juliet balconies offer a stylish and secure way to enjoy outdoor views and fresh air. While they don’t provide additional usable space like traditional balconies, they add aesthetic appeal to buildings and enhance natural light and ventilation inside. Understanding the benefits and costs associated with Juliet balconies can help homeowners make informed decisions when considering this architectural feature for their homes. While adding a balcony to the home, it is a great time to contact Fox Mountain Property Inspections for a full home inspection in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia states.

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