Author name: Richard Leonard

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Inspector Gadgets

What Are All Those Inspector Gadgets? INFRARED CAMERA Our inspectors carry top-of-the-line FLIR infrared cameras.  This technology allows them to view a thermal image, in a non-invasive manner, to gather additional information about an area of concern including: Identification of lacking or deficient insulation Identification of possible moisture intrusion Identification of overloaded or overheating electrical …

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Ice Dam Thermal Imaging Frederick MD

Ice Dams

ICE DAMS AND INFRARED (THERMAL) IMAGING Ice dams are a nuisance and can cause expensive damage to soffit areas, roof sheathing, gutters, and the most outer portion of living area walls.  These ice build-ups can be alleviated, but each house tends to have different reasons for the ice to accumulate in the first place.  First, …

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